Club Fitting with Trackman

The better your clubs fit you, the better your scores will be.
Clint can not express how important it is when you are being fit for a set of clubs to be fit with a Trackman. With Trackman, you are capable of determining if you are using the correct stiffness of shaft, the right amount of spin rate, correct loft, if you are getting optimal distance, and much more. Take the next step and call Clint Suggs today for your club fitting.

Putter Fitting with Sam PuttLab

When it comes to being fit for a putter, Clint also recommends using his Sam PuttLab. There are so many different putter styles with different weights and balances. The Sam PuttLab can tell you exactly which putter fits your style of putting. Everybody strokes the putter differently, so it is important to find the correct putter that fits you and not one that just looks good.